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Systemic herbicides, pre-growth and post-growth, in the shape of a concoction that can be emulsified in brown or yellow to control common weeds on savage peat planting...

Solito 320 EC

Solito 320 Proved safe and effective for the control of weeds from the beginning of planting, both for tapin and tabela.

How to work:

Extensive and safe control
Solito controls a variety of weeds on peanut plants, is very safe and can be applied at 3-7 HST.

The uniform growth. 
Solito prevents the competition of absorption of hares and maximizes the vegetative growth phase of padi plants so that they are greener, healthier and uniform.

More profitable 
Solito is effective and efsien to curb all types of weeds so that it will reduce the cost of weed control and is more profitable.

The Excellence:
• 1 week, 1 Liter to 1 Ha Control from the beginning of planting for excellent vegetative growth phase. 
With two different active ingredients that complement each other for effective weed control and prevent the occurrence of resistance.
It is proven safe and does not cause symptoms of poisoning on peanut plants, both for tapin and tabela, effective for weeds that are difficult to control.

Application Advice



Broadleaf weed:

  •  Ludwigia octovalvis
  • Monochoria vaginalis
  • Marsilea crenata

Dose/ Ha: 

high volume
1 - 1,5 l / ha

Narrow-leaved weed:

  • Echinochloa colona
  • Leersia hexandra
  • Leptochloa chinensis

Dose/ Ha: 

high volume
1 - 1,5 l / ha


  • Cyperus difformis
  • Fimbristilis miliacea

Dose/ Ha: 

high volume
1 - 1,5 l / ha