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4 Tips for Controlling Fusarium Wilt on Shallots!

Shallot cultivation is one of the promising agricultural business opportunities. Currently, the area for planting shallots has spread to almost all parts of Indonesia. However, OPT (Plant Pest Organisms) is still a limiting factor in onion cultivation. The problem that is often faced by shallot farmers is fusarium wilt or moler which can reduce crop yields by up to 70%.

Fusarium wilt disease or commonly known as moler is a disease that is most worried by onion farmers because it can threaten the growth of shallots. Fusarium wilt or moler usually attacks shallots since the plants are 35-45 days after planting (DAT). If the quality of the seeds used are not resistant varieties, this disease can attack the plants early.

Other factors that cause red onions to be attacked by moles apart from the quality of the seeds used are high rainfall, which makes the air temperature around the plants humid, planting distances that are too tight, and the growth of weeds around the shallots.

Symptoms that arise when onions are attacked by fusarium wilt or moles are the color of the leaves suddenly turning yellow, the plants wilt quickly, the shape of the leaves is twisted or curved (moler), the tubers rot and there are white fungus collections and the plants are easily uprooted due to disturbed root growth and rotten. Affected crops will also experience a significant reduction in yields.

The following are 4 powerful tips to control fusarium wilt or mole that attacks shallots:

1. Use healthy seeds/ resistant varieties (free from fusarium).

2. Perform crop rotation with plants other than the host species (shallots). This method is carried out with the aim of breaking the life cycle of the fusarium fungus and inhibiting the occurrence of fusarium wilt or moler disease.

3. Keep the land clean from weeds so that the plants are not too humid, especially during high rainfall.

4. Using fungicides with active ingredients Propiconazole & Prokhloraz which are proven effective in controlling fusarium wilt or mole on shallots. The two active ingredients are found in the fungicide Remazole-P 490 EC which can be found in agricultural drugstores/stores on the islands of Sumatra, Java, Sulawesi & West Nusa Tenggara.