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BLASIL 270/ 230 SE

Systemic fungicide with protective and eradicative action for rice blast control (Leaf Blast & Neck Blast).

BLASIL 270/ 230 SE

Patogen :

Blast is caused by the fungus Pyricularia oryzae. It can affect all above ground parts of a rice plant: leaf, collar, node, neck, parts of panicle, and sometimes leaf sheath. It occurs in areas with low soil moisture, frequent and prolonged periods of rain shower, and cool temperature in the daytime. In upland rice, large day night temperature differences that cause dew formation on leaves and overall cooler temperatures favor the development of the disease.


Leaf Blast Lesions that occur on the leaf are usually diamond-shaped with a gray or white center and brown or reddish brown border. Leaf blast may sometimes cause the complete death of young plants up to the tillering stage.

Neck Blast nodal infection causes the culm to break at the infected node Internodal infection also occurs at the base of the plant which causes white panicles similar to that induced by yellow stem borer or water deficit.

General Info



Sterol demethylation (ergosterol biosynthesis) inhibitor. Fungicide with protective and eradicant action. A protectant and eradicant fungicide effective against a wide range of diseases affecting field crops, fruit, turf and vegetables. Can control many fungi diseases such as: Alternaria, Cercospora, and also Pyricularia.


Melanin biosynthesis inhibitor. Systemic fungicide, absorbed rapidly by the roots and foliage and translocated in the xylem and apoplast within the plant. Control of rice blast (Pyricularia oryzae) in transplanted and direct-seeded rice. Can be applied as a flat drench, transplant root soak, or foliar application.

Application Advice


Target :

fungus Pyricularia oryzae

Dose/ Ha :

500 – 750 ml/Ha